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i-mate and Telstra – a poor combination


I bought an i-mate PDA2k EVDO phone earlier this year at a Telstra shop. It’s connected to the Telstra network.

This phone has a charming feature. All too often it displays “unable to answer call” when I try and answer some calls. Telstra has no knowledge of the problem. i-mate says it’s not the phone.

My sense is that the problem is that I j=got into the integrated phone PDE thing too early. I would have been better off waiting for others to have these hassles so I could enjoy the more stable second generation.

I’ll be ditching the i-mate early in 2006 and probably for a more regular phone.

My frustration is that because I am dealing with such a large company it is challenging to navigate issues like I am having to a reasonable outcome.

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By Mark