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Sustainable communities – a campaign for “local”


In the UK there is a strong push for a Sustainable Communities Bill. This is legislation which parliamentarians concerned about local communities would pass. It is socially responsible legislation. Some would say it is more important that the workchoices, welfare to work and VSU changes shoved through the Australian Parliament in the last two weeks.

The Sustainable Communities Bill is a proposed piece of legislation in the UK that will empower local people to improve their local communities.

The Local Works campaign in support of the bill is “cross-party and is constantly building up support from individuals and organisations across the country, the support that will be needed to see the Bill made law! Currently 8000 individuals, 550 local councils, 200 local organisations and 237 Members of Parliament support the campaign.”

Clone retail is alive and well in Australia. Small business is struggling against tough national chain competitors. The training and motivational role of small businesses is vital to the future of Australia yet there is little support from government. Something like this proposed UK legislation would demonstrate practical support for small business and for local communities.

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