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People who slow down when they pass an accident


It frustrates me when people slow down when passing an accident on the other side of the road. They slow, gawk and then speed up once past.

It’s a bit like that with software updates. They get nervous (usually with some justification) and become overly cautious – blaming every little blip or what may look like a blip on the update.

We sent out a major update a week ago – crazy this close to Christmas – and call traffic has been way up ever since. False alarm calls are leading the call traffic increase. People see something odd and call to blame the update without thinking the situation through. Soon into the call we work out that there is no problem to report and life settles down.

I don’t know why I’m even writing about it because it is part of software update life. However, unlike Microsoft and other giant corporations, we have a direct and personal relationship with our users and this puts us closer to the coal face. So when people slow down to see if there is anything to see we feel the impact.

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By Mark