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Where is the Chadstone protest?


I am surprised at the lack of protect about the plans announced just before Christmas by the State Government that the giant Chadstone shopping centre is to almost double in size. I drove past Chadstone on December 26 and the traffic was so bad that there were police at the lights keeping people under control. There was a list of cars more than a kilometre long queued up to get into Chadstone. The centre already sucks the life out of small centres and high street shops surrounding for many kilometres. Take a look at the satellite image on Google maps and you soon see the size of Chadstone compared to shopping centres within a half hour drive. Making Chadstone bigger is bad for communities and bad for all businesses not in Chadstone.

This is bad planning by the State Government – socially irresponsible.

I hope that small business owerns, residents nearby and other concerned citizens protest.

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By Mark