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OzJet flounders and cancels flights on January 1


Last week I booked four seats on an OzJet flight from Melbourne to Sydney for travel on New Years Day. On Christmas Eve I received a call from OzJet advising that they have decided not to fly in New Years Day. They proposed compensation of putting me and my guests on a Qantas flight at the same time – in economy. (OzJet is an all business class airline. Their advertisements promote superior service.) So, they booked us on a Qantas flight in economy and offer four OzJet flights to Sydney as compensation. Trouble is the flights are no compensation because my guests don’t fly to Sydney. In the same call they told me that the return flight from Sydney to Melbourne will leave an hour later.

This is no way to launch a new airline.

I’m a frequent Qantas traveler and would be in their top 10% of flyers. This makes me interesting to OzJet and they have stuffed it. Frequent passengers want to know that their flights will leave on time regardless of how many passengers are on the flight. This move by OzJet to cancel flights on January 1 because of poor loading is appalling. It wold be like my retail business saying, gee, I don’t think I’ll have many customers today so I’ll close the doors. I would have thought that Paul Stoddart would know better.

I doubt I will fly with them again and I doubt they will last as an airline.

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By Mark