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OzJet’s useless customer service gets worse


After my experience documented here a few days ago – they cancelled their Melbourne Sydney flights on January 1 and forced my friends and I on to Qantas – OzJet has further demonstrated their care for customers by not responding to my complaint. I’m left with four Melbourne Sydney tickets which are of no value.

On the one hand their advertising touts their new experience in travel – their “executive service experience” while on the other is my experience of cancelled travel and no response to correspondence. This is no way to win the business travelers OzJet is after.

OzJet won’t last at this rate. Unfortunately as their in flight product is good.

If OzJet management were smart they would jump on these flight cancellations and ensure that those affected were really taken care of so they would only have good comments to make. Instead the frustration of the cancellation has been fanned and I’ll happily tell anyone that OzJet is unreliable.

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By Mark