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An update on OzJet customer service


Flew back from Sydney yesterday with OzJet. No mention of them canceling my flight the day before of their shifting of me from OzJet to Qantas. A company concerned about customer service would have called to respond to the complaint I submitted only and spoken with me face to face at the next opportunity (yesterday). OzJet does not live up to its marketing pitch.

There was a time when we (in business) were told by customer service experts that one bad experience would be told to 20 people and they would tell friends and the ripple effect would/could mean a loss of significant business over time.

Thanks to the Net, the amplification of stories of bad customer service stories has grown dramatically. This should make businesses more vigilant about delivering exceptional customer service. Start-ups especially.

OzJet has no future unless it delivers on its marketing promises – like any business – and unless they take corrective action in relation to their cancelled flights over the last few days.

Thanks to blogging and other online forums the 20 rule of thumb of the 1980s is 100s today.

Just look at the impact Jeff Jarvis had with his comments in 2005 about Dell computers. He blogged about a bad customer experience and within hours he was joined by a large chorus of unhappy Dell customers.

I want OzJet to survive and indeed flourish. To do that they have to start living their marketing pitch and being more communicative with their customers.

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