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OzJet addresses my customer service complaint


To their credit a senior executive from OzJet called me today to discuss my blog entries here complaining about their handling of the cancellation of their January 1 services between Melbourne and Sydney. He was genuinely concerned at how the cancellation and subsequent downgrading to Qantas economy had been handled. He was also concerned that I had not received a response from the complaint I had lodged on their website.

It was a positive customer service discussion and encourages me about their commitment to deliver on their marketing pitch.

Contrary to Jeff Jarvis’ experience with Dell (as documented in his Dell Hell blog postings, my experience today with OzJet is encouraging and I’m glad to have human interaction of what was a frustrating experience.

I’ve been promised follow-up on a couple of points so there is another opportunity to redeem. I hope it works out because the OzJet product is good.

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By Mark