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Poor customer service from the Australian Tax Office


On September 16 I wrote here about my experiences with the Australian Tax Office. At the same time I wrote a letter of complaint to the ATO. I followed it up a month later and then again a month after that. No response now from three letters. This is despite evidence of double standards in terms of the Privacy Act and appallingly poor customer service.

If they want money they will pursue you more than vigorously. If you want just treatment from them, and you’re from a small business like mine, they’ll ignore you. This is appalling customer service. My questions are fair and deserve to be answered. Indeed several questions need to be answered before the actual matter I have with them is resolved.

Of course there is a risk bitching about the ATO here. Maybe it earns one an entry on a watch or even audit list.

My request of the ATO is not unreasonable – answer your letters, list your customer service focus. I am a taxpayer and deserve to be treated with respect, and on time respect at that.

I hope other Australian taxpayers blog about their experiences. It galls me to read about individuals and corpo0rations walking away from huge tax liabilities when the small folk are the ones pursued to the end of the earth. Maybe their collection policy is like their customer service/correspondence policy – the little guy is treated differently to the big fish.

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