The frustration of standards


We have long standing hardware standards. Being in the point of sale software space it’s important because things like barcodes cannot be printed on any old printer and because our software is tuned for very specific hardware. In the last two weeks we’ve had several of our clients soak up way more than their fare share of help desk time because of issues with hardware we did not supply and which does not comply with our standards. This is frustrating because of the time it takes us away from helping those who do the right thing. When we point to the standards one says well it used to work; another says they don’t care about the standards and will complain publicly about us if we do not fix one niggly aspect of the software on their old and non standard hardware. We’ve resolved to take a firm view on this out of respect for 99% of our client base who adhere to the standards and who call less frequently as a result. It’s a difficult road to navigate, especially in the small business space where so many relationships are personal – being the traffic cop and the people who sell the vehicle as well.

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