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Blogging interaction


My two blogs attract or two private emails a day – separate to logged comments. These private emails are from people who have read an entry and want to open a conversation with you, have a crack at your view or seek out more information. This contact is interesting not only because it’s connecting me with people I would otherwise not come into contact with but also because their questions and views extend mine.

I mention this because on ABC Radio last week I heard a newspaper person denigrate blogging as “not much better than gossip”. That may be true for some blogs and even some entries here. However, this ever growing conversation online and offline with people who read this blog and those who read other blogs adds to one’s view of the world and this can only lead to more thoughtful blog entries. The result will be better commentary through blogging than many of the singular view commentaries we see in daily newspapers.

The more feedback a blogger who takes their efforts at the keyboard seriously receives the better their published contributions. Keep it up!

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