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Adverblogs make the medium less valuable


I’m not happy that companies are using blogging in a corporate way – many using third parties to blog about their business on their behalf. A whole new business category has started and many agencies have introduces specialist blogging operations into their businesses. This is hijacking a medium for pure commercial use. Blogging is more pure than that. A blogger can be vulnerable in a way corporations are not. A blogger can share a personal view regardless of consequences in a a way a corporate blogger will not. A blogger gives on him/herself whereas a corporate blogger is as detached as corporations can be.

I hope that corporate sanitised adverblogs will be seen for what they are. The problem is that many consumers of blogs will not see that. Already blogs and commenters on blogs have hijacked the medium to make one really question what one reads.

If companies want to blog then they need to stay true to the medium. Make blogs personal. Give of yourself. Take a risk with openness. Don’t spin. Don’t pay someone else to blog for you.

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By Mark