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Hpnotiq and the Long Johnson


In Kuala Lumpur last week we got to talking with a bartender asnd what he likes to drink. He made a personal concoction of his. Taking his name, John, and the need for grand quirky cocktail names, we dubbed it the Long Johnson. He then put it in his point of sale system as a bar item and we proceeded to drink several more Long Johnsons. What stuck us was the base liquor, Hpnotiq. Hpnotiq was launched in Australia a few weeks ago and late last year elsewhere. What is clever about Hpnotiq is the viral way blogs and the Net more generally are being used to spread the word – beyond the usual launch parties which get photographed for magazines. Hpnotiq is getting cred through word of mouth. The question has to be how much of the word of mouth is real or paid for marketing. In the case of the Long Johnson, it;s real. We asked for it, drank it, enjoyed it and recommend it as a good cocktail to start the evening. There’s something about it which is appealing to IT nerds.

The Long Johnson

1.5 parts Hpnotiq

.5 parts Triple sec

.5 parts Vodka

1 part Cranberry juice

1 part Grapefruit juice

Shake with ice and pour into cocktail glass.

.5 parts Grenadine – pour gently to get to the bottom

Drop in a maraschino cherry.

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By Mark