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Left click, right click; what’s a click?


The support call with a new client was like step back into the 1980s when now many small business owners had encountered computers in their businesses. But this call was today. The client on the end of the phone wanted to know what it meant to “click”. There was no “click” button. How could he “click” if there was no “click” button. He said it’s not fair that we ask him to do something he cannot do. It’s a fair point when you think about it – how much, we in the industry, take these additions to our language for granted and how much we expect people to be on our level when it comes to jargon.

Thinking about, it I can understand the caller’s frustration. They have a pretty simple small business. They don’t really need technology but must have it if they are to be acceptable to certain suppliers. So, as the technology provider, we are part of the compliance mechanism and this brings a level of frustration to their contact with us. It would be different if they came to us because they wanted to. Different, too, he this was not their first contact with computers.

It’s calls like these, over the simple matter of clicking the mouse, that force us to pause and consider how we communicate with clients, old and new.

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By Mark