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Why K-Mart, Big W, Harvey Norman and others make price the issue


It’s back to school time and the TV, radio and letterboxes are screaming about deals. It’s price, price and price. The national retail chains are screaming that their deals are the best. It seems that price is the only point of difference Big W, K-Mart, Officeworks, Harvey Norman and others want to pitch. There is little about quality, service and community commitment. These people know their market. Price is an easier sell than service and quality. An ad focusing on price cuts through easier than one focusing on these less tangible benefits. And there is where independent small retailers miss out. Even though they often compete on price they don’t have the budget.

Using our technology we try and help small business compete. We can list savings on receipts; print coupons drawing customers back in; and, run a loyalty campaign more valuable than anything the big boys do.

My point is that small business has the tools to better compete but too often does not use them to their fullest.

Big W, K Mart et al are not cheaper. They are just louder.

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By Mark