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Is Woolworths a family friendly employer?


In the television advertisements Woolworths want us to believe they are a happy bunch focused on delivering great customer service. I know one Woolworths employee, a single mum with two young children, who works for the Safeway division of Woolworths. her story is not reflected in the TV advertisements. She has asked for single mum friendly hours and has been told that it’s not fair on her co-workers. Her hours are either 5am starts or 9pm finishes. The daytime shift, which allow for school drop off, pick up and evening interaction are, it seems, saved for people other than this single mum. My friend has worked for the company over a couple of stints for more than six years and she continues to be treated appallingly through her roster. My friend suffers as do her children. Her supervisor and management want to know nothing of these things. The only option she has from their perspective is to get a job somewhere else.

Maybe Roger Corbett could find space in his next TV commercial to tell us about their family friendly management policies.

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By Mark