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John Howard, Woolworths and mutual admiration


It was disappointing to see Prime Minister and Woolworths CEO Roger Corbett side by side yesterday and gaining so much media attention. Woolworths is doing more to hurt small business local communities than many other companies. They make price more important than service. Woolworths and their peers, have ripped hundreds of millions of dollars out of newsagents. They have divided communities with their superstores – Maleny QLD, they turn happy people into mechanical drones as they dance through the required customer service steps. They are relentlessly pursuing getting pharmacies into their supermarkets.

The Prime Minister needs to be seen more often in small businesses. His policies need to more often reflect the interests of small businesses. He needs to understand the damage done to communities by giant corporations like Woolworths. When was the last time you heard a local story at a Big W checkout? Probably never. I bet at your local chemist or newsagent you get local stories passed on all the time. This is community building small business style. It’s part of the Australian story. Woolworths is not part of any Australian story.

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By Mark