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Plastic bags in Ireland


They’re tough in Ireland on the issue of plastic bags. This story in the Irish Examiner reports a 3,000 Euro fine if businesses do not charge the mandatory 15 cent levy on plastic bags. While big business has led the way on reduction in plastic bag use in retail here and received kudos in the media and groups like Planet Ark, small businesses like newsagents have a good, but unsung, track record. It’s easier for a Bunnings to impose a fee for plastic bags than an independent small business newsagent or hardware shop. This is where the Irish approach might help because it makes the issue regulated on the same footing nationally rather than on a store by store basis. It would also stop Planet Ark people getting on TV and radio raving about big business and ignoring the efforts of small business.

From a technology perspective we make it easy for stores using our software to remind employees to NOT automatically provide plastic. We also have the ability to include a message on receipts about plastic.

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  • Especially in this the United Nations Year of Natural Fibres (see here politicians and environmentalists should be supporting the use of natural fibre bags such as jute bags and organic cotton bags. Why is it that these natural fibre bags, and the Year of Natural Fibres, have such a low profile amongst politicians and environmentalists?

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