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OzJet better than Qantas Business Class


I got to travel to Sydney Tuesday with OzJet – the all business class airline – and then Thursday to Brisbane with Qantas in Business Class. Both were early morning services. OzJet offers better seating, better catering and better in cabin service. Both places were 737s. In Business Class on a Qantas 737 in you’re not in row 1 you might as well be in economy thanks to the cramped space whereas on OzJet there is plenty of room right through the cabin.

I don’t own shares in either airline but I do know what I like and the OzJet space and happier cabin crew win it for me. The demeanor of the cabin crew underscored for me the importance of focusing on customer service. It is the biggest differentiator between businesses.

I hope that they make inroads on the Qantas offering as they could do with some competition.

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By Mark