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3M fails to deliver reasonable customer service


We’ve been an active support of the 3M touch screens for a couple of years. They are regarded by many as the ‘Rolls Royce’ of touch screens. Then they started dying. 3M said all was okay with production. But they continued to die. Despite several efforts at resolving their poor failure rate with 3M they continued to blow us off. We could make no progress. We carried spare gear so our customers did not suffer. We also carried the freight cost even though we provided the gear on a return to base warranty basis. 3M continued to ignore us.

Earlier this month I wrote about the problem here. Last week 3M made contact with me but it was too late. We’ve taken their gear off our lsit of recommended hardware. Their touch screens are too unreliable and are certainly not worth the hefty price difference. We’ve replaced 3M with another premium brand and continue to offer the LG touch screens as our entry level model. The LG screens, I should note, have been excellent.

I can accept that problems will occur with new hardware from time to time. It was 3M utter denial about these problems which frustrated by small business and our clients. 3M appeared not to care about us and certainly did not actively engage with us in resolving the problems.

3M can tell us that they have learnt their lesson all they like, that learning has come too late for us. They had an obligation to address the problems in their touch screen manufacturing a year ago.

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By Mark