It’s frustrating to give someone a break into an IT role and have them move on barely a year into their position. While I appreciate that some people want to move as quickly as possible, patience is a worthy character attribute especially in IT. For your first IT role, a year is not long enough to build an appropriate foundation to stand you in good stead for the future. I’m proud of the fact that some of the best team members in my company are those who have come back for a second, and even, third time. While we’re not at the cusp of technology innovation, there is more to working here than playing with new toys and techniques.

I write this because one of our team is leaving in pursuit of new challenges. While I don’t think they have mastered the opportunities here that’s not a factor in their thinking. They have to make their own choices. For our part we gave them a break and proved their employability in an IT company. We lose a hefty training and development investment.

Employees are free to make choices like this yet employers are not. While I do not agree with the Workchoices legislation and the unnecessarily greater wedge it has created between employee and employer, I can understand why some employers are happy to have more flexibility in whether to retain some employees. While the scenario described is unfair, I accept it an employee right. It will make me more careful when next hiring.

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