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We offer our clients a free theft check service which involved us analysing data gathered using our Point of Sale system in search of usage patterns which suggest theft. We’ve just caught another employee stealing from the business. The story is the same each time. Denial by the owners as to the magnitude. This is following by a pit of the stomach sick feeling. Then comes anger and, usually, a call to the police. The cost to the business goes way beyond the financial loss. Despite every one of our systems having tools to enable the owners to track and even stop much of the employee theft, too often these are not used. Employers in small business are more likely to trust their employees and the crooks know this. I’ve seen instances where poorly run small businesses are sought out because of the opportunity. Justice takes too long to be achieved if indeed the goal is reached. I know of once instance where a case was been dropped because the cost in terms of public funds – this is despite the insurance company paying out and weeks of time spent by many including us gathering the necessary evidence.

My biggest frustration in all this is that the small business owners who need to use the tools they have at their disposal are those who ignore them. Maybe they get what they deserve.

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