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Woolworths, Maleny and local communities


The battle continues in beautiful Maleny in Queensland between the Woolworths corporation, independent retailers and many in the community who do not want Woolworths in their part of the world. The Maple Street Co-op news has a front page story about some of the tactics Woolworths has reportedly been using to track who visits their new store. As recent reports in the UK have shown, local communities can have their opinions count when it comes to companies the size of Woolworths. The key to is ensure that everyone in the community is fully informed about the economic and social cost of large corporations compared to small businesses and that an equal or higher over the counter price for an item may, in fact, be more economically valuable than a lower price at a major store.

The Maleny battle is far from over according to the co-op news and what I read at the Maleny Voice website. All of us involved in independent retail need to support the Maleny action in any way we can. Otherwise, the big two will get bigger and too many of our number will disappear in their wake.

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By Mark