Reference site request kills a sale


We’re in the market for a CRM solution and have been talking with a company representing a huge multi national software developer. We have trialed the software and felt that implementation would be a challenge. We wanted to talk with other businesses our size which had implemented successfully. Their rep said he could give us 30 reference sites but that it wasn’t about that. He ducked and weaved continuing the 30 reference site claim but never delivering. We stayed focused on our request. Yesterday we gave up. No reference site details had been forthcoming and we doubt they exist. So, another failure in the search for a good CRM solution.

We provide reference site details every day in our business. It’s an important part of the sales process. We’re glad to let our clients speak for us, warts and all. No software is perfect – it’s how you respond to the implementation and use challenges to service the business. That’s where we do well – business integration.

This CRM mob have not only turned us off their services but also off the multinational software vendor they represent.

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