Another employee theft court case, another waste of time


We get very involved helping police as they prepare cases against employees caught stealing. Several people in our company trawl extensive databases tracking down usage patterns which form a key part of the evidence. We have been working on another case this week. More than $50,000 stolen and not discovered until the money has been spent. It’s time consuming work and all the more frustrating because our software has facilities which can block such behavior. While employees should not steal, employers have an obligation to make it hard to steal. This can be done by using the tools in the POS technology, increasing the chance of capture and through better people management.

Until now we have provided this service at no cost. Given the lack of appreciation for our efforts and the many man-hours involved we will now charge for our time. This latest case has cost one of our most senior people three man days and to gift that to a client without compensation is not good business – especially when our other clients who manage their businesses better could suffer because of the attention diversion.

We had a case last year which racked up twelve man-days of time. Again at no charge to the client, police or insurance company. The insurance company covered the client’s losses. No one covered our investment. Our feeling is that there has to be a limit as to how far we go on this.

We’ll continue to offer our tracking service for free but once we have found a problem, the effort in preparing a case for the police will be billable.

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