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The ATO and privacy


I have an on going dispute with the ATO about privacy. They refused to respond to letters from me because my home address was not the address registered for my tax file. They did not tell me this at the time. Eventually they told me their refusal to respond to my home address was due to privacy regulations and that I would need to apply to have the address changed. Apparently their privacy provisions do not permit them to respond to a letter sent by a taxpayer unless the return address is the registered address. That seems okay but it took months for them to tell me.

Imagine my shock when I walked into a Tax Office and changed my registered address without providing any proof of identity. My complaint to the ATO about this flaw in their management of my privacy remains unanswered.

Over the last ten days I have experienced more inconsistency from the ATO on privacy. My businesses have established digital certificates for online activity with the ATO. This requires them calling to confirm details. In only half the cases did the ATO officer confirm that it was me answering the phone.

The point of this is that the ATO has financially penalised me over a matter which could have been quickly resolved had they responded to my letter over a year ago. They now hide behind their privacy regulations on their non response and to justify a penalty on a penalty.

Yes, minister.

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By Mark