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June 30 count down


June is like a month of full moons for small business software companies. All sorts of weird issues and questions come out of the woodwork. Customers and prospects want to rush business through before the end of the financial year. Customers take parts of the software such as stock take on a once a year spin. Customers want copies of invoices they have lost. Others want us to invoice in advance for services to be provided next year. While most of it is good it can be frustrating handling the weird requests while plenty of regular business transacts around it. It is the out of the blue rushed sales calls which are odd – from someone you have never had contact with and they want to make a $25K decision within 24 hours over the phone and without knowing anyone else who uses your system. We have a structured process and resist speeding it up. We’d rather guide a prospect to and informed decision than have them make a spur of the moment decision and regret it later.

These last minute June decisions are in my mind today because of two calls from new prospects. Both do not like their current system. Both purchased in June a couple of years back and at the last minute to get a deduction (base don how it was invoiced). The result was not the right choice for either and no they want to change. At least this time we have a few weeks to ensure we understand their needs.

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