Hair salons grow thanks to smart software


We have been working with hair salons for several years but it is only in the last year that we have really started to understand the dynamics of the salon business. It’s different to any other market in which we serve yet the learnings from working with salons are improving our software for newsagents, jewellers and bike retailers. Salons are personal businesses. Every sale involves considerable personal contact. The software needs to understand that and facilitate each experience adding to the knowledge of what the customer wants. We have been listening and adjusting our hair salon software accordingly. And, as I noted earlier, adjusting our software for other markets. This is what is great about serving several divers markets – there is an unexpected synergy between the needs of newsagents, hair salons, bike retailers and jewellers and we’re using that to build better software.

Australia has around 12,000 hair salons and we understand that less than 40% have systems. They market potential is excellent. However, we also understand that there are at least twenty companies like us touting their salon software as worthy of consideration. What separates us is our 25 years in business, our national footprint, 24/7 support and business outcome focus of the software.

Salons can be a challenge to deal with. In fact we almost walked away from the market. And then we realised that it was their intense customer focus which drove them and once we shared the embrace our relationship improved.

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