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The rude candidate


We have been looking for a new IT support person for our NSW office for three months. A month ago we were thrilled to have found someone we wanted to offer the position to. They had the right skill set and attitude. We sent a letter of offer pitching a good package including company vehicle and some other perks. We’d usually hear back in a few hours but this time there was no response. After 24 hours we made a follow up phone call. Then another. And another. And one more. Each time we the call was either not answered or we were fobbed off. Today, a month on, we have still not received a response. What makes this frustrating is that the candidate used to work for a competitor of ours two years ago and he currently works for his dad in one of the markets we serve. We matched everything he was looking for. In the interview he was most positive. The silence provides no answer and makes us wonder what we missed or that we were being played.

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By Mark