The high cost of employee theft


What do you say to the owner of a business hit by employee theft when the employee involved is their own child? Not much is the answer. Of course, they, as parents, are saying enough to themselves. The most common reasons for employees stealing is because they see it as a victimless crime and because they can. The call over the weekend from a stressed parent/business reminded me of the human damage from theft. In this case their son stole around $500 a week from their small business. He was able to do this because his parents were slack in managing cash and weak in using the IT tools they have. By not changing passwords, not worrying about whether the register balances and by letting employees cancel sales they invited this problem upon themselves.

Just as the risk of getting caught by a speed camera slows us on the roads, so to would the risk of getting caught by more vigilant employers.

These parents have called in a professional to deal with their son.

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