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A common question we are asked by people considering our POS software is how it compares to what they currently use or to other products in the marketplace. We cannot answer this question because we don’t know the other systems the way we know our own. Only people who have used both for as reasonable period of time can make any knowledgeable statement. So, that’s what we say to enquirers – that we cannot objectively comment. We can and do point out what we know to be differences but we are careful to focus only on what we know to be true.

It’s difficult choosing a point of sale system for a business but the more effort put into the decision the greater the opportunity of making the right decision. Only the software itself can tell you if it is right for your business – not the salesperson or their level of hospitality or brown nosing.

The best advice I can provide for anyone looking for a point of sale system is to work out what you want; talk to users of the systems on your short list; ask existing users for others to talk to; check out the company online; talk to suppliers in their marketplace; and, only then, talk to the software company. It’s your decision, keep control.

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