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Poor HP customer service


Here is a story relayed to me today by a client about their service experiences with Hewlett Packard:

After experiencing problems with my – not long out of warranty – HP3330 I rang support &
was forwarded onto their customer service centre based in India.

After a lengthy period on the phone to try & resolve the problem I was than
advised the item had to be sent to HP Sydney for maintenance.

At this point I asked for an approximate cost and period of repair & was advised
approximately $250 & 3 days. This seemed reasonable & duly dropped it out to
DHL at the airport.

Two days later I receive an email from HP Support India advising that they
were pleased to submit there final quote of $547.70, more than double the approx quote…

This was a surprise as the customer service rep was confident she had pinpointed the
problem during our phone contact. This increase was totally unsatisfactory & so started
several calls to discuss the increase.

Its now 6 days since I received this quote and after being advised the matter would be escalated “internally” the only contact I’ve received has been from an Indian Technician to say the quote given was fixed and no further negotiation would be agreed to. Should I want my property return it would cost me a $66 handling fee.

I’ve had little choice but to OK the repairs to get my property back however I’ll be writing
to HP about my experience.

By the way, have you heard the latest HP Computer deal where you receive a “free return flight”
with a new HP desktop or notebook computer…

Sadly, this story is not uncommon. My company had issues with Sharp a few years ago. I regularly hear about poor service from Dell. 3M refuse to recall clearly faulty touch screens. What is it with big business hardware makers? They have forgotten they are in the service business.

HP should sort out the mess above quickly or risk losing more customers.

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