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Naked blogging


Something I blogged in another place has resulted in a public ‘discussion’ with various people claiming to represent a competitor. In two of the comments posted he references my blog entry, When people move on…, which I posted here a few days ago. The correspondent has, very publicly, taken my blog entry completely out of context. It makes me wonder what other things they say about us out of context or referencing only a small portion of a larger statement.

Blogging exposes the blogger and their business and in doing this puts both at risk of abuse by competitors looking for a cheap shot. My piece, When people move on… was hard to write as it goes to the core of a loneliness many small business owners must feel.

Rather than use this and my other blog as a place for corporate spin, what I write is warts and all. I do this in the belief that doing this demonstrates a humanity many companies have lost. It’s also good therapy. We are all frail and pretending we are not would make us delusional. I’ve called this piece naked blogging because when you’re naked there is nowhere to hide – as should be the case with a good corporate blog.

To my the people registering comments – whether they are a competitor or not – I say stop reading this and start blogging yourself. Oh, and stop taking a few words out of a long blog piece and twisting them to serve your petty jibes.

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By Mark