Dumb and dumber


Some days our help desk team face extraordinarily frustrating situations. Take today. A user called with a problem. The old computer had fritzed. Since our update CDs have a full copy of the software, getting running on another computer is easy. The problem was the data. The user’s comments were “yeah, I was going to get around to that”. It’s in our printed monthly newsletter, our weekly email newsletter and covered in all of our user meetings. It took us a few hours to grab data from here and there and get him running again. We did it for free because we knew he would arc up if we talked about it being billable. In the meantime it took one of our team offline while we helped the dumb user.

We don’t know what to do to sort the minority of users out who ignore the need to backup. Nothing works including publicly shaming them. In the meantime they soak up resources which should be used for more responsible users.

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