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Melbourne Airport sucks


At Melbourne Airport two months ago I was held on one side of security, while a lady took off her shoes, while my laptop and bag went through the machine. I calmly called out the one of the several guards on the other side, alerting them to the backlog and the risk to my laptop. He told me to calm down. Sure enough, my laptop was crunched, fell off the conveyer and hit the ground. The guard watched it happen. When I got through I asked why he didn’t do anything. “What do you want me to do mate?”.

The day this happened I went to the airport website and lodged a complaint. The response? Nothing. Melbourne Airport customer service sucks. Their website did not even email me a copy of the complaint I lodged – poor web design!

On Saturday night, a friend cut themselves on a bottle which seemed to have a manufacturing problem. I reported the incident through the importer’s website yesterday morning and within an hour they were in contact and providing exceptional service. They took the complaint seriously.

If companies are going to provide customer service access via their website they need to provide service. Service means a timely response. In the case of Melbourne Airport it is clear they don’t understand the concept of service.

At Tower Systems we strive to provide exceptional service every time. Whether or customers contact us by phone, email, through our website or through our software internal support tools we treat every contact the same. Our customers deserve timely and professional service. We don’t let their contact for assistance sit in the ether somewhere hoping it will go away.

Customer service is serious business. In the case of my software company it is at the heart of everything we do.

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  • Hi i can understand this is a little of track but i had a 11.45 flight to hobart on sat.7th november my insurance company had organised two weeks prior i would need a wheel chair from book in to plane but after standing for 45 mins one turned up giving me 10 mins to get to the boarding gate my wife and i got to security because i was in a wheel chair i was taken to the side this is the picture wheel chair me with shorts ,polo top slip on shoes leg bandaged as i had left the mercy private hospital 2 hours prior with a medical certificate to say i was right to fly.
    Well then it started the security bloke done a complete body pat down then proceeded to take of my shoes he stated they had to be scanned he then took of my right shoe then statrted to twist my left leg to take the shoe of causing a sharp pain in my knee bad enough i had to grab my knee and i informed him again of my operation i then helped to get it of if he just held my leg it would have slipped of then after the scan he did the same trying to put it on but i said to give me the shoe and my wife wheeled me to the boarding gate with me holding the shoe.
    Since being back home i have been in severe pain had to get rushed to the royal hobart hospital as the pain got unbearable to handle that was six hours after tests and xrays and as at today my knee is grabbing so it is obvious damage has been done to some thing on the right hand side of my knee that is where the pain was when he twisted my knee.
    I would like people with any simular situations to persue it as i am a letter was sent to melbourne airports on thursday and i await their reply.Thanks Chris.

By Mark