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Point of Sale software user churn


Two stats we keep track of here relate to churn – users switching to our point of sale software and users switching from our point of sale software. Thankfully, the numbers for the former outweigh the latter by 10 to 1. It’s a challenge, especially with small businesses changing hands, on average, every three years. In our experience it all comes down to customer service – making every contact timely, personal and meaningful for the user.

The downside of the churn stats is the baggage of some people we are picking up. A bad experience with their previous POS company makes them wary of us. In the past we have not worked on this and it’s taken longer to develop the ideal relationship. Now, we have a program in place designed to help things start fresh for them, with us. We focus on building trust and guiding their unlearning of past practices. We have found that our structured approach to helping people switch to us is bringing even more across. This month, 75% of the systems we install are replacing other systems.

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