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Bigpond a big puddle of poor support?


We sell Point of Sale software, not Bigpond Internet access. I had to remind a customer of this a couple of days ago when they insisted we help with an internet connection problem. They called us out of frustration with Bigpond – I’m told it takes a long time to get through and often the problem is not resolved. My issue was that the call was taking up our resources which could be better used helping users with questions about our software. Talking with a couple of our Help Desk team after the call they tell me that at least a third of all calls to our help desk are for issues unrelated to our software.

The dilemma is – do we charge for these calls? I know that if we did our customers would be angry. My view is that people using us for help unrelated to anything we supplied ought to pay. I’m not sure what we will do. At issue is our service levels. We’re proud of our customer retention rate and want to ensure it remains high – hence the focus on calls unrelated to our software.

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By Mark