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Engaging with our customers for justice



This is magazine sell through data for seven magazine categories over 11 months for one of our newsagent clients. They need a sell through rate of 50% to break even for most titles. They are not achieving that for most months. They have no control to resolve this since the magazine distributors control what newsagents are sent. We have empowered newsagents by providing this report on demand direct from within the system. Of course, it has column headings and tags down the side for the magazine categories – I’m not showing it here to protect the guilty.

We are now engaged in a project to catalogue the data from a statistically sound sample group and present it more formally to illustrate the lack of fairness and justice in magazine supply for our small business newsagent clients and, indeed, all newsagents.

While not part of our obligation, we will help in any way we can. Our technology provides evidence of appalling behaviour by some big business suppliers to newsagents. The report itself was developed a couple of years ago when we were fighting a distributor in the newsagency I own at Forest Hill in Victoria.

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