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Free business directory listings – better than the Yellow Pages


I am blogging today unashamedly plugging our Find It online classifieds business. Currently and for another two months all ads are free, directory listings too. When we do start charging, more than 66% of all ad categories will continue to be free. Paid ads will be priced way lower than the Yellow Pages and others in this space.

One price comparison we did shows that a Find It directory entry will cost barely 5% of an equivalent listing on another major directory service. That’s a huge saving. And we’ll bring traffic.

So, list your business at Find it FREE and help us build an alternative to Yellow Pages and others.

Find It is relevant to Tower Systems because we are creating this to support small business. It demonstrates our unwavering commitment to the small business sector in Australia. We hope Find It will help small businesses support each other. Tower only sells POS systems to small businesses – hence our keen interest in keeping the sector vital and growing.

Plumbers, solicitors, dentists, chemists, florists, builders, gardeners, butchers, bakers, newsagents, jewellers, bike retailers, accountants, repair shops, cleaners – everyone in business should list at Find It. The more the better.

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By Mark