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Happy New Year


May 2007 be successful and enjoyable for you and yours. For our part, we’re planning an exciting year. here’s some of what we will be doing in the first couple of months:

An additional support person for our growing Brisbane office.

An additional support person for our national Help Desk to service our growing client base.

An additional programmer for our core technology development team.

Replacement of our 1 year old company website with even more self-serve user assistance facilities.

Implementation of CRM and faster access to the Help Desk.

Software updates starting with our new R2 being shipped in January – eliminating some housekeeping, replacing our database technology and delivering better business reporting outcomes.

Implementation of Skype access for support calls.

Release of a Guide to Theft for small business – a FREE special report which will help small business cut theft.

Release of our first YouTube training video.

There’s more but that can stay confidential for now.

Have a great New Year!

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By Mark