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Overqualified candidates miss on customer service


For one of the new Help Desk roles we have going at the comment we have received eight applications from people with Masters Degrees. That’s on top of a good IT degree and, usually, an Honours year. This education shows they can retain information but it does not demonstrate the kind of intuition which is crucial in a good help desk person.

Help desk calls are 80% listening and communication and 20% knowledge. While the applicants with a Masters education may have exceptional knowledge, I am more interested in people with practical experience as they are more likely to empathise with those who call our IT help desk. Our answers are not learnt by rote.

It seems to me that we have a glut of IT graduates with Masters and other bits of paper which, at my end of the IT patch, are of little value. It’s certainly not the skills shortage the government talks about.

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By Mark