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Overcoming barriers in small business


This blog post has nothing to do with Tower Systems or small business.

I’m in Hong Kong at trade show and noticed this construction (see photo below) over the water. I know it’s not a first here or elsewhere but it’s still a surprise to see land reclamation in progress and what they do with the new land. This is not a jetty or a wharf. They have constructed roads and building sites where there was once water.

While there are what seem to be valid complaints among residents about the use of the reclaimed land, my interest is in how they have faced a barrier leapt over it.


Too often in small business we face a barrier and it stops us. We don’t have the layered management nor the impersonal connection with our businesses that you see in big business. Our personal connection, a core asset, causes us to sometimes be paralysed by challenges. It’s happened to me.

Call me whatever you like but I found the reclamation inspiring, inspiring me to work harder in 2007 at overcoming the barriers one often encounters in small business and to focus on the vision as opposed to the challenge. No, I’m not going soft! I didn’t come to Hong Kong seeking any great revelation. This construction over the water is inspiring. I’m glad I saw it today.

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