A week of wild weather hits small business


Regardless of where you sit on the issue of climate change, this past week in Australia has been bizzare. Small businesses have been hit hardl. We see it through our help desk as our small business clients fight to stay open, dry, safe and sane.

Bushfires in Victoria wiped out a chunk of the electricity grid and this fried some computers and forced others to visit their backups for the first time in years. Massive rain led to floods in other client businesses and a wet computer is, well, not useable – so another hunt for backups. Hot air up north raised static and made a couple of systems behave erratically. Extreme heat caused another couple of businesses to shut down. Every situation I weather related and maybe it’s me but it seems worse now than in the 26 years I’ve owned this business.

While we have supplied hardware to around 60% of or clients, we’ll always help out in these situations. The goal is to ensure a safe backup and then to get the business running as soon as possible.

It seems no matter how much we push the backup message, for many it is only when their business needs the backup that they realise the importance. So, we have declared this week backup week – we’ll ask in every call to ensure that they are backing up, using a separate USB stick for each day and that the backups are stored off site

.In the meantime, we hope that governments start to take more notice of the climate extremes we’re experiencing. The cost to business of climate change will be extraordinary.

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