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Defending employtee theft II


Two days after my earlier post on employee theft this week I received a call from someone claiming to be a lawyer representing someone charged with theft from a store using our point of sale software. He was aggressive, rude, personal and intimidating. I thought he was interested in our software but became suspicious when his questions were not usual for a sales enquiry. When I queried why he really called he unleashed a spray of venom in the form of claims about me and some in my company being used as expert witnesses in cases involving charges of employee theft in businesses using our point of sale software.

This bloke has clearly been hired to break a prosecution case by intimidating people on the witness roster. He didn’t call for any other reason than to upset me. This is what my earlier post was about. I have seen it before. Rich defendants use clever lawyers who use aggressive tactics like the call to me yesterday to intimidate witnesses and make a case go away.

Our expert evidence does not make or break a case. It explains how the software can be used to commit fraud in certain circumstances and what point of sale practices, in our view and based on our experience, are usual and what are unusual.

This punk of a ‘lawyer’ told me he’d love to get me on the stand to tear me to shreds as an expert and he’d do it because he won’t let me ruin lives. Then he hung up. I have no idea what case he is involved with.

Rather than focus on defending the case itself, they plan, apparently, to play the man. Another lawyer friend tells me this is how the legal system works. Deep wallets buy good theatre and this is what wins.

The best solution for our small business clients is for them to use the excellent tools in our software to protect their business from employee fraud. These tools and our accompanying business management advice on employee theft are proven to cut theft.

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