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Record summer for POS software sales


Summer sales of our POS software are up 400% on the average of the last three years.

December and January are usually quiet months with small business owners either taking time off or too busy to contemplate purchasing and installation a point of sale system. In February we usually see business pick up and in March we are in full stride. Not this year. Our December 2006 and January 2007 sales were up 400% on the average for the sale months in the last three years. Indeed, sales are up even for an average month mid year. Indications are that the busy summer will flow through the year.

The sales growth has happened naturally. That is, we did not run any summer sale or other major promotion to chase growth. If we had to put the growth down to anything we’d say it’s a result of excellent word of mouth.

Thankfully, we had started increasing and strengthening our training and support teams so we are able to cope with the growth.

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