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Hiring wrong


We have realised that we made a mistake with a recent hiring decision. Difficult as it is, we have decided to let the person involved go just a few weeks into their role with us and start the hiring process again.

We’re a small business and don’t have the time to train people in very basic business and IT skills, skills which are essential when you’re helping small business owners with their IT systems.

The person involved did nothing wrong. They hid nothing from us during the hiring process nor did they have any misleading information in their resume. This mistake is 100% ours.

One answer for the future would be to hire through an agency. They charge too much and, the few times I have used them the outcome is no better. We’ll learn from the mistake are review candidates more carefully.

While our track record over our 26 years is good, a stumble like this makes you take stock not only for ourselves and our customers but also for the people who apply and are ultimately hired.

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By Mark