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I was interviewed yesterday for an article in a business managing about why small businesses would choose industry specific software over generating products such as those from MYOB, Quicken and Microsoft.

Besides the obvious of small business support for small business, personal service as opposed to being a number and product flexibility, I also talked about what we see as the requirements most often put to us by newsagents, jewellers, hairdressers, bike shop owners and gift shop owners: supplier integration, industry specific benchmarking and industry specific reporting/management tools.

Having been in the vertical software marketplace for twenty six years I have taken these ‘tipping points’ for granted. What we see as normal people outside our channels see as specialist and worthy of discussion. I realised the size of the task of building specialist software when I discussed some big players who had entered one of our specialist marketplaces and had retreated licking million dollar wounds. Self inflicted wounds I should say.

Providing specialist software to suit the needs of a specific channel is what we do. I guess we’ve become a bit blind as to why it’s good. The interview yesterday reminded me of why we should be proud of our vertical focus and the size of our small business client community.

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