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latte.jpgMatt, the barista at what I consider to be the best coffee house in Melbourne, Gattica, yesterday demonstrated the importance about being obsessive in the service industry.

With a bunch of baristas working over the course of a week and customers often visiting multiple times you’re likely to have coffees made by different baristas with the result of you establishing favourites. This makes the barista the brand as opposed to the coffee shop and like with hair salons, customers will follow a barista if they become the brand.

When I rocked up yesterday Matt was training a new barista, pursuing a common latte experience between what Matt makes and the new guy. I always through coffee was about taste but it’s more than that. Colour, froth/milk ratio, art, temperature … so many measurement points.

Walking away with another perfect coffee I realised that my software company and Gattica share common challenges – the quality of the service experience.

Hiring is the start, making sure you have ideal stock – that is someone with the right manner and values. Training is next – equipping them with everything need to deliver the common experience. Measurement is the most important part – making sure the experience is common so that when a customer recommends you their colleague receives a similar experience regardless of their contact point.

Matt is obsessive about his coffee and I realised we are just as obsessive about the service outcomes delivered by each of our team.

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