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I have been dealing with a computer consultant recently who wrote a report for a client of ours criticising the hardware we proposed. His report claimed we were conflicted in providing advice because we wanted the business. This same report included a quote from him touting for the business. I found that interesting.

The client did purchase his hardware and we respect their right to make such a choice.

The hardware did not meet our published hardware specifications. The operating system is not supported by us. The hardware has not been configured in the way we recommend.

This hardware chap continues to claim that we are to blame. This is despite many businesses across the country successfully using our system by following the standard configuration advice. Problems at this one site can be traced to inappropriate hardware an or configuration.

While there will be differences of opinion between IT people – in part due to different levels of knowledge and in part due to commercial interests – the differences and consequences in this instance are significant. We have put in many hours rectifying problems caused in inappropriate hardware and configuration.

I am all for businesses buying their hardware from the location which they feel best suits their needs. However, it is critical that the hardware meets the requirements of the software company. Sometimes, consultants for hardware business ignore their conflicts in chasing the sale.

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