Australian university students under financial stress


There are news reports today about a study showing that Australian University students being under more stress today because of what it claims is Government’s failure to provide adequate financial support. I heard the Federal Education Minister, Julie Bishop, on ABC Radio rejecting the findings of a study and saying that things have not changed.

Through my retail business I employ uni students and I know from personal experiences the financial pressure of students. The Minister is right to say that financial support is available. However, the hoops one has to go through to access these make it easier to ask your boss for more hours than deal with the Government’s Centrelink processes.

The situation has to change it we want students graduating from university with a good education. As it stands today many university students I know are undertaking full time study while holding down full time work because they have no choice.

Maybe Ms Bishop and hr colleagues could take a year off and live the life of a student and then comment as to whether the government policies are working and whether the assistance it claims to offer students is fair and good for the future of the country.

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